The Difference Between Indica, Sativa And Hybrid

Not all marijuana strains are equally. Do you really know what the differences between them are, although you’ve probably heard of Indica and Sativa, as well as the breeds? They are 3 distinct types of traits which even the most experienced growers don’t know about.

Sativa and Indica were on the books since the 1700s, however, the hybrid did not come until a while afterward. Although the Indica originated near the Hindu Kush region, specifically around Afghanistan Sativas come from a climate close to the equator. The weather and weather conditions there are harsh — they have a thicker protective coating of resin than the Sativa strains, this is. Continue reading The Difference Between Indica, Sativa And Hybrid

How Is Hearing Loss Diagnosed and Evaluated?

Friends and relatives have been hinting that you need to have your hearing checked. A free hearing evaluation was taken by you, but now you’re worried because those test results indicate that you have a hearing loss. What do you need to do? First, don’t panic. Make an appointment with an Ear, Throat, and Nose (ENT) doctor and have your ears examined. An ENT can do an assessment and allow you to know if there’s an obvious cause of a decrease in your hearing loss, such as fluid in the uterus, an ear infection, or wax build-up.

When there is absolutely no reason for the hearing loss, the ENT will likely do testing and may consult with an audiologist to get a thorough hearing test. Continue reading How Is Hearing Loss Diagnosed and Evaluated?