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The Speed Way

Welcome to one of the best and most exciting places in town! We are the Oreti Park Speed Way and we host races every week on our tracks. On top of that you can rent out the course for events and parties and use Go Karts we have stored or even bring your own cars on. It makes for such a fun time and is great for mixing up the weekend routine with something a little different. We sell food and drinks just like any other event and recommend coming with an empty stomach to indulge on one of our famous chili cheese dogs!


Obviously, it goes without saying we are not liable for any damages that may result if you bring your own cars on. This is racing, we are licensed for racing – this is not bumper cars! I cannot stress that enough. After an introductory training lesson, you are permitted to hit up the course. There are different maximum speeds permitted to ensure everyone’s safety.

TimTim & Oreti Park

Tim native to the area and was originally against the opening of the first race course as it actually destroyed a large portion of Oreti Park. After seeing the first business go under, Tim could not stand the sight of an unused course on top of a park that was destroyed for its purpose. He thought to himself as long as it was there he might say well put his business skills to the test and re-open the Speed Way. He had fallen in love with the sport on day one and has been working diligently to entertain the locals (and tourists) ever since. To give back to the loyal customers, Tim accepts business cards and writes posts about other great business owners in the area as well as those owned by visitors. He loves to share other peoples’ stories just as other people did for him.