Cash For Gold Edmonton Options

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Learn How To Lose 10 Pounds In 2 Weeks Safely

Weight loss is always a difficult subject for many people because they do not believe that they will be able to engage in effective weight loss the way that they want. While it may be difficult to find the perfect system that will absolutely guarantee you results, the right mindset will be able to push you towards your goals in an efficient way. when you visit the right website, you will learn how to lose 15 pounds in 2 weeks safely.

Lifestyle Accountability

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It is unique because it understands that weight loss is different for every person. As long as you know what to expect and you are planning for your goals, you will be able to use the website in the most efficient way. Look into the local options on the website and see how easy it can be for you to get started today.

What The Nova Scotia Divorce Law Says

Have you just moved to Nova Scotia and are wondering whether you can file for divorce? Before filling out the Nova Scotia divorce forms, here are some of the things that you should know:

You can file for divorce if your partner has been a resident in Nova Scotia for at least 12 months. If your spouse has been living in another province, it would be appropriate for him or her to file for divorce from his or her resident province. The Canadian divorce law, especially the residency rule is very strict.

getting divorced

Can I put the divorce process on hold?

Yes. If you or your spouse wants to reunite, you can halt the divorce. This is because the Canadian law encourages spouses to reunite and reconcile their differences if possible. Remember that a petition for divorce usually expires after six months after it is filed with the court. However, this can only change after the applicant notifies the respondent of the new developments.

Spouses can separate and reunite as many times as possible provided that it does not affect the effective date of separation. In addition, you should not stay together for more than three months before getting back as this will significantly change the last reconciliation date. Remember that the change in the separation date will determine whether the court will grant a divorce. But most fundamentally, this will affect the division of matrimonial property. For more information about Nova Scotia divorce, visit

Top Features Of Zero Tolerance Knives

We wanted to take the time and share the message of one of our sponsors and supporters. This e-knives store has a ton of stuff and they’ve supported our park since the beginning! So we’re giving them the floor to speak to one of their service offerings.

The zero tolerance knives for sale are professionally designed, high-grade knives. They are built for heavy-duty applications and are made to handle the most difficult conditions. This field-tested folding knife has been touted as the best patrol knife according to the Tactical Response Magazinen 2008 issue. This knife features a unique recurve blade made for multitasking and with the ability to deliver maximum performance. Precisely balanced, the curved blade allows for an additional cutting and piercing. If you need additional cutting, you can choose a knife with serration. Simple cutting can be achieved by a plain-edge version.

Please check out this video below for a bit more information as well before reading any further:

Regardless of the blade type, the 0200 series of blades is made with sturdy steel designed to withstand the tough applications in both industries and combat situations. The blade stock is approximately 0.156 inches or 0.4 cm thick. This is to give it the expected strength. To give it the durability and corrosion resistance features, the knives are coated with a diamond-like carbon coat.


The 0200‘s are 3-dimensional G-10 to provide a more secure grid. This ensures a high performance insulator and a powerful mechanical strength needed to handle a wide range of applications. The knives also feature a pivot-shaft adjustment that allows for tightening or loosening for an appropriate blade surface.

Shout Out To Our First Ever Ticket Holder

We wanted to make our first post about the customer that bought the first ever ticket we sold on Day 1. We had a great turnout but they were in line early and very¬†excited about the grand opening. She is a big race fan and her name is Amanda. She is actually the CEO and founder of a Calgary HR consulting firm and has since done a little work for us since we’ve opened to assist with hiring and board governance. I thought it was time to officially recognize her for not only being our first customer but the great work her and her time team does up in the North! All the best Amanda and we hope you’re back to visit us again soon!